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Habotai Silk Duvet Cover


Our luxurious Habotai Silk Duvet Covers are made of Sandwashed Mulberry Habotai silk.

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Product Description

This luxurious Silk Duvet Cover is made of Sandwashed Mulberry Habotai silk.
The colour is Ivory. This is actually Mulberry silk’s natural colour: That means there is no dye that might fade or run in the wash.

This silk duvet cover has piping on the side and bottom edges. It has a zippered opening. The zip is scarcely visible and it’s so much easier than buttons.

Washing hint:
These silk duvet covers can be washed at 30ºC. Use a washing soap recommended for silk and wool. Spin gently and hang-dry. They then scarcely need ironing. Silk duvet covers can be dry cleaned, but 30ºC washing is preferred.

Attributes of silk duvet covers, silk sheets and silk pillowcases:

  • Every sandwashed silk duvet feels irresistibly soft and luxurious. It is so soft to one’s skin and hair that they say it holds back the aging of one’s skin and keeps one’s hair sleek and shiny.
  • Silk bedding has been claimed for centuries in China to be soothing to aches, pains and itchy skin. Of all products, Silk Pillowcases are the most popular for this claim.
  • Habotai silk is not as slippery as satin, but can still be very helpful for those who have difficulty turning over in bed. For this reason many people choose to buy silk duvet covers rather than normal variations.

Our Habotai Silk Bedding range also includes:

  • Habotai Silk Flat Sheets
  • Habotai Silk Fitted Sheets
  • Habotai and Jacquard topped Oxford Pillowcases.

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Super Kingsize Habotai Silk Duvet Cover, Kingsize Habotai Silk Duvet Cover, Double Habotai Silk Duvet Cover, Single Habotai Silk Duvet Cover