About Us

Silkwood Silk was founded by Harry Kershaw, in 2004. On a business trip in China, he found himself marooned over a weekend in Shanghai and visited the town of Hangzhou – some 2 hours south of Shanghai, and much praised for its beauty by Marco Polo – to see the vast array of silk products that the region proffers. He was inspired by the qualities of silk; its breathability, hypoallergenic qualities, thermal regulation, fabric feel and sophistication and consequently he founded Silkwood Silk.

Silkwood Silk was one of pioneers in selling silk duvets in the United Kingdom and was stocked in Harrods and other premium retailers.

Silkwood Silk is proud to offer pure silk bedding products such as: Silk Duvets made entirely of silk (The filling is 100% Long Mulberry silk, and the shell is Habotai silk). We offer a summer weight silk duvet (4.5 Togs) and a Spring/Autumn weight silk duvet (9 Togs). The silk duvets have laces around the edge so that two duvets of either Tog value can be fastened together.

Silk Pillows, (like the duvets) are made entirely of silk, i.e. both the filling and the shell.

Silk Duvet Covers and Oxford style Pillowcases in plain Habotai or with a silk Jacquard top. In both cases the silk duvet cover and the Silk Pillowcases have a Habotai border, so no bedspread is required to enhance the beds appearance.

Silk Bedding, in the form of Silk Flat Sheets and Silk Fitted Sheets. These are made of sand-washed Habotai silk. Our Habotai silk is a weave made from Long Mulberry silk. Habotai is not as slippery as satin, but the sand-washing treatment gives it the softest feel imaginable.

Men’s Silk Shirts: The latest addition to our range of quality silk products, our Men’s Dress Silk Shirts are redolent of the classic Jermyn Street formal style; having double cuffs, a stiffened collar, mother of pearl buttons, complimentary ‘knot’ cufflinks and adjustable sleeve length (½”).

We also have a good selection of Woven Silk Ties to accompany the shirts.
Ladies’ Classic Silk Shirts; The latest addition to our range of quality silk products. We have these in three colours; Ivory, Pink and Lilac.