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Our mens silk shirts are redolent of what one would expect to find in Jermyn Street. The cut and material have been carefully selected to that effect.

They are made of quite a heavy (21 momme) Fuji silk that has been produced and woven in China. Fuji has the feel of silk, but without that exaggerated sheen of satin. The high weight of the silk ensures that transparency is not a problem. That is to say, they are not at all diaphanous.

Their collar size range from 15” to 18” with ½” gradations.

They are straight cut, i.e. not ‘waisted’ or shaped from the armpit downwards.

The reinforced collar makes it ideal for wearing with a tie, or with a dinner jacket, or in any setting; formal or casual.

They have double cuffs with two setting. This means the sleeves can be shortened by a ½” by selecting different button holes. Nevertheless some customers find the sleeves too long. This can be remedied reasonably easily. All tailors and most dry cleaners retain a seamstress. It is the work of moments for the cuff to be removed, the curtailment made and the cuff replaced.

Washing is as easy as for any other shirt material. Our mens silk shirts are machine washable and can be steam ironed. However, there is one proviso: The washing temperature should set at 30⁰C and of course the steam iron setting should be on “Silk”.

The shirts are ‘Ivory’ in colour. We have sometimes been asked if we have – or will have – different colours. The demand for colours other than ivory is too small to make holding stocks feasible. However some customers have had their shirts dyed to a colour of their choice and have been very pleased with the results.

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