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Luxury Silk Bedding

Our silk bedding – which in our parlance covers pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers- is made entirely of the best Mulberry silk in the Habotai or Jacquard weaves.
The Habotai and Jacquard weaves are the best beloved by those that appreciate silk bedding for several reasons:

• Our Habotais are ‘sand-washed’ which makes them very soft to the feel, whether ironed or not.
• They have the sheen of silk without the shiny –some would say slippery- feel of satin silk. Nevertheless, it is much easier for the sleeper to turn over in a bed made up with silk bedding than one made up with cotton. This can be crucial for some people, e.g. Parkinson sufferers.
• The weight of silk bedding is much less than cotton or linen. This obviously enhances the almost weightless free of the silk duvets.
• They can be machine washed at 30°C, hung dried and steam ironed (on the low/silk setting). If the laundered bedding can be hung outside to dry, the wind will normally do the ironing for you.
• The thread count of these weaves are too high for house/dust mites to penetrate. i.e. the weave is too tight for them to pass through. So, provided the mattress and pillows are mite free to start with, allergies that result from the presents of these mites are for ever avoided.
• The Jacquard topped pillowcases and duvet covers have very elegant floral patterns, so that made up bed does not need any further adornment, such as bedspreads, or cushions.


1). Habotai (from the Japanese habutae (羽二重), which literally means “feather-two-layer”) is one of the most basic plain weaves of silk fabric. It can be used for T-shirts, lampshades, summer blouses, bedding, or very light lingerie.

2). Jacquard (1752 -1834) was a French jack-of-all-trades: A type-founder, a lime burner, a bleacher of straw hats. He even fought in Napoleon’s armies. He perfected his programmable loom in 1806. His punched card mechanism formed the basis of today’s computer programming.

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