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Our silk duvets are not only the very best quality of silk but also arguably the very best duvets known to man. They consist of Mulberry Silk floss surrounded by a Mulberry Silk shell of woven Habotai. These qualities give rise to many advantages not available to other sorts of duvet: These being:

• Silk Floss is described as “Breathable”. The effect of this is that the silk duvet is: “Warm in Winter: Cool in Summer”. The science behind this is that silk can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp. As we will recall from our school lessons: “Evaporation causes cooling”. So as we heat up in bed in summer the moisture we give off cools the silk. Conversely, in winter we do not perspire so much, so the silk merely insulates the heat we give off.

• Silk is generally accredited to be Hypoallergenic (Anti-allergy). A lot of allergic reactions are caused by House Mites; also called Dust Mites. These mites like to feed on our sluffed skin, and many of us are allergic to their faeces. The mites, it seems, cannot thrive -or even live- in silk bedding. The two conventional theories for this are: A). There is nothing for the mites to drink, because silk absorbs all the water and B). The thread count of Habotai silk is around 400: Which means the silk is too tightly woven for the mite to penetrate the duvet’s shell.

• Our duvets, being made entirely of silk, are the lightest duvets available. Doubtless feathers and down are light, but silk floss is lighter, because less floss is used to achieve the same Tog values. In addition, our duvets have a silk shell whilst almost all other duvets on the market have cotton –sometimes called sateen- shells, which are not only substantially heavier than silk, but also afford accommodation to mites.

Our full range of silk products also includes silk pillowcases, silk duvet covers and silk sheets, all available to order online through our website.

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