Silk Pillows


These luxury silk pillows are filled with silk floss in a silk Habotai shell.

They are British Standard size, i.e. 75 x 50cm with a loft (Thickness) of 10cm, which compacts under the head when in use to about 5.5cm


Product Description

These silk pillows are filled with silk floss in a sand-washed Habotai silk cover. This gives them several advantages as your choice of pillow:

  • They are reasonably firm and give a good support to the head and neck. The ‘loft’ (Thickness) is 4” which will compress to about 2½” in use.
  • The thermal properties (breathability) of the silk pillows ensure that they feel neither hotter nor colder than the sleeper.
  • Silk pillows are hypoallergenic, i.e. anti-allergenic. That is especially important to those asthma sufferers that react to house mite. House/Dust mites cannot live in silk, and what could be closer to your face than a pillow and its case?
  • Complimented with other Silk Bedding products such as silk pillowcases, these silk pillows will ensure maximum comfort.
  • The Chinese have maintained for centuries that silk relieves aches and pains and itchy skin, hence their love for all things silk (including Silk Duvets).
  • Silk is a natural product. It is organically produced and environmentally sustainable.
  • It is best just to hang the pillow outside for a bit about twice a year to air and refresh it. If it must be cleaned, dry-cleaning is the only way. Accidents such as coffee spills can be spot washed, but no machine-washing please.