What is TOG and what TOG value do I need?

TOG is a measure of thermal resistance used in the textile industry. A high tog value has a higher thermal resistance than a lower tog value, so a high tog value will keep you warmer. Lower tog value blankets are sometimes referred to as summer togs while higher tog value blankets are referred to as winter togs.

The thickness and weight of a blanket is not universally related to the tog value because different materials have different thermal properties. For example, silk duvets are thinner than other blankets of the same tog value, but will keep you just as warm because silk is a great insulator.

The tog you require will depend on your general climate. If you often find yourself overheating under conventional high tog duvets, but find that summer duvets do not keep you warm, then silk duvets may be your perfect solution as silk insulates but the lattice structure of the silk filling is also breathable.

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